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Wine-tasting limo tours in Temecula are a popular way to experience the vineyards as they are able to offer special packages and deals plus they can do the planning for you since they have done so many tours for other people.

You can certainly take wine-tasting limo tours in Temecula on your own and this offers certain advantages but you will need to choose a designated driver or be very careful with timing your drinks. Getting caught up for a DUI is a terrible way to end your visit to wine country.

There are many options and reasons why people book a limousine tour of the Temecula vineyards. Whether you choose the cable car, party bus, or limo you can be assured that your driver will have plenty of knowledge and recommendations about wines. Your driver can be your guide instead of just a ride. Temecula limo wine-tasting tours are also popular because of the special experiences they offer through their partnerships with the vineyards. 


What Wine Tasting  Limo Tour In Temecula Is Right For You?

First of all, it does not necessarily have to be a limo. If you are a couple or have a small group a luxury sedan or luxury SUV may be the best option for you. It may feel more personal than a limo and you still get all the perks of a personalized tour from someone who knows the wine country’s best spots.

If you think a limousine is your best option for enhancing your Temecula wine tasting experience, you will have many excellent options to choose from. We have a fleet of limousines for your taste and style.

From classic stretch limos, to those super sexy Cadillac limos, and the fun time Mercedes party buses, you can choose the experience of your dreams. The party buses are often your best bet for large groups but limousines offer a classy style. 

If you’re not into limos you can check out the Jeep tours. They can be covered or uncovered at your request. You can explore the Temecula wine country while enjoying the wind in your hair and the sights and smells of the valley.

If you’re looking for a bit of a more exotic option you can take your Temecula wine tour aboard a 1914 San Francisco cable car or a trolley car from Lafayette, Louisiana.


Shout Out To The Temecula Wine Tour Drivers

What really makes taking a Temecula wine tour so special is the knowledgeable and professional staff of drivers who are usually either current or former employees of the vineyards. I don’t know about your group but I have never been on a wine tour where it didn’t get at least a little wild. Luckily for you these drivers are experts at guiding you safely through your wine tour. Whatever you choose you will be sure to enjoy your stay in Temecula wine country.

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